Wish List

18th October 2009

I always find these things to be rude but then i’m always asked to make them. So here it is.

Please realise that this is a wish list and I do not expect anyone to buy me some of the items on it. Some of them cost a fortune, I just thought I’d take the opportunity to show of the kind of stuff I’d love to have in my life, even if they will always only be a wish.

Items are listed in order of preference, the top of the list is what I want most.

Andy Barratt’s Wish List

–Use anytime plane tickets to Girona Airport – I have no idea if such a thing exists but I really like the idea of just being able to decide one day, I want to go and knowing I have a ticket just sitting there waiting for me. Mainly because I’ve got into a state in which I simply can not know when I’m able to take holidays.

–Canon 5D MkII Digital SLR camera – This camera would replace my current SLR camera but is also a fantastic video camera with the final episode of House MD Season 6 being filmed entirely on it, that said, it also costs thousands of pounds.

–Canon 550D Digital SLR camera – I just watched a review comparing this camera with the one above. Although the one above is better, this did very well and was highly recommended. So… if you feel like saving two thousand pounds, buy me this, go on.

–Motorbike – 125CC motorbike, I’m just finding more and more as I get older that public transport sometimes just isn’t good enough… or a Vespa, those look fun.

–Ilford HP5 35mm 36 Exposure 400 ISO film – I’ve been getting back into photography recently and hoping to get back into developing my own photos, problem is, digital SLR cameras have gone down in price meaning less and less people buy film. The result is, my favourite film has gone up in price since I last used it. I’ve found the best price here, I’d really like to get something like ten of these things.

–Bluray Movies/TV Shows – This is more a tip than a thing, just, if you are getting me video, I’d prefer Bluray over DVD as it gives High Definition, showing a sharper picture more accurate to how it was intended. Unfortunately Bluray tends to be more expensive, this varies though, it can be just one pound extra or sometimes it can be a whole extra tenner. I’m not going to hate you if you decide to get DVD instead though :)

–Freesat HD+ box. I have a Freesat box but keep missing shows so would like one that has a built in hard drive so i can record, pause, rewind and so on. Much like Sky+HD but you know, no subscriptions.

–iTunes Vouchers – Email or card.

–Some gloves with conductive material tips for use with iPhone, but not ones that look like they belong in science fiction films from the sixties.

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