About Andy Barratt

22nd September 2013

Bug-and-Me-mediumAndy Barratt is a software developer and writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland with his fiancé Heather.  He works full time at miiCard, a startup aiming to create trust online by providing Identity Verification purely online.  He also volunteers development time to Spraffl, a bootstrap startup creating an anonymous social network for smartphones.

His debut novel, Hudud and Escape, was self-published in August 2013 telling the story of Yasmin, a girl on the run from an ultra-conservative upbringing in Pakistan only to be sold into sexual slavery after arriving in the United Kingdom.

Andy is a graduate of University of Dundee’s School of Computing with a degree in Applied Computing.  He doesn’t like watching live television but suffers from Netflix addiction.  He owns and Playstation 3 but rarely plays computer games, he writes on a Mac using cloud storage for backups but enjoys restoring pre-war typewriters.

Andy Barratt, or A. P. Barratt, can be found on Twitter through @apbarratt.

Yasmin Cover Square
You can download Andy Barratt’s debut novel, Hudud and Escape, now on Amazon.  Click here to go to the Amazon store for your country.

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