Dear Nectar Developers…

Dear Nectar Developers…

Dear Support staff,

You have likely noticed that you are receiving no registrations of Nectar Cards through your website, please forward this message on to your site developers as it will explain how to fix this issue.

When registering my Nectar card online (using a temporary card I’d picked up in store), I was told that I had not filled in all mandatory field.  Seeing that I had, I decided to debug your javascript.  Your javascript’s fnSubmit function clearly showed that it was looking for a field named “gender” that was not present on the form.

Using the debug tools in my browser, I created a hidden field named “gender” and (based on the coding style of single characters you’ve used) I guessed that the value needed would be “M”.  After doing this, your sign up process completed correctly.

Another error was encountered when I attempted to add a second card holder to my account.  Selecting “Miss” for my girlfriend’s account, I would then move down to select a gender, the field was this time present however by selecting “Female” the title “Miss” would be changed to no selected value.  Selecting the title again would do the same for the gender field thus once again throwing up an error that not all mandatory fields were correctly filled in.

Using the debug tools in my browser again, I chose to remove the call to the javascript made by the two drop down boxes and submit the form now that your javascript could not delete what I had inputed.  After doing this, the form submitted correctly.

I hope this information will help you remedy the issues with your live site as quickly as possible so that you may start receiving online applications again.

Andy Barratt
Computer Scientist and Software Developer

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  • Daniel

    Have they sent you a reply?

    • I’ve received a reply from the support staff saying that they have forwarded the information on to their developers.

      • Lindsay

        And it still doesn’t work, so it makes me wonder if they even bothered. Your little discovery makes sense since the paper registration form asks for gender, but the online form doesn’t. And of course when you call, the people on the helpline have no clue and just say that you have to register with them over the phone.

        • Yes, it really does seem strange that the developers aren’t fixing this. I work in a company with a one month turn around for new code but this has been over three months now. My only conclusion is that the Nectar Development team simply do not care about their users.

  • Adam

    Any news? I still can’t register.

    • Gordon Hudson

      Me neither! Suspect I may have to screeen scrape and post the form data in somehow.

  • Riedman

    An easy work-around is to choose title=”Other”, and then a gender field appears.