Netflix Idea

3rd February 2013

netflix idea

I just think it’d be nice to be able to express an opinion on which shows should be included for Netflix streaming in my region.

NME Radio Player

18th October 2012

My brother’s complaining that he can’t listen to NME Radio. I’m wondering if this might be because they’re trying to use an overly fancy radio player on their site.

In case that’s the case, here’s a basic HTML5 NME radio player:

Update: Confirmed, he is able to listen now.
Update2: It’s also suspected that NME’s flash player is blocking access to its station in the USA where my brother is at the moment. Are you in the USA? Is this the case for you too?

Graduation Garden Party

7th July 2012

I graduated recently, here’s a photo taken from the balcony of the school of computing.  Nine exposures are used in this picture and its resolution is 76.06 megapixels.

I have my raspberry pi now… I’ve had it for a while actually, I’ll write a blog soon, promise…

So as of today, everyone at the University of Dundee has had their email switched from Groupwise to the brand new Office 365.  Well, if you’re like me, you want those brand new Emails and/or Calendar and/or Address Books being synced with your phone or computer.

The good news is, they’re using Microsoft Exchange Active Sync which means instant emails, calendar and contact syncing directly to your phone. There’s also IMAP if your phone or computer doesn’t want to do Exchange.

On Android
These settings should also work on iPhone but I haven’t had a chance to try them out on one yet so will update this blog post when I do :)

  1. Go to Settings, Accounts & Sync, Add Account, Exchange ActiveSync, Manual Setup
  2. Enter settings like so:
  3. Email Address
    Server Address
    Password This is the password you use for all things uni.
    This server requires an encrypted SSL connection Yes
  4. Now you’ll be asked what you want to sync, I’ve chosen to sync my Mail, Contacts and Calendar though I’m sure many people will only want their mail.
  5. You’ll also be asked how you want your mail to arrive. If you choose Push, your mail will be pushed onto your phone the moment it arrives on the server, this is the most convenient but may not be good for your phone’s battery life. You can also choose to have your phone check every 15 minutes or indeed, only check when you ask it to.
  6. You’ll be asked for an account name, you can call it anything you want, I called mine “University.”

Windows (Outlook) and Apple Mac Mail
I know what you’re thinking, why would I group these two computers in the same place? Because, setting them up is identical!

  1. On Windows, open “Control Panel”, on Mac, open “System Preferences”.
  2. On Windows, choose “Mail”, on Mac, choose “Mail, Contacts and Calendars”.
  3. On Windows, choose “Mail Accounts” then “New…” and click Next, on Mac, click the + button and choose “Microsoft Exchange.”
  4. Guess what, Macs and Windows are equally clever, just type your email address and password, it’ll figure out the rest, YAY!

Everything Else (including Blackberry) – IMAP Settings
Many devices and programs do not support Microsoft Exchange, but don’t worry, you can still use IMAP settings, this is the same system that the old Groupwise system used except, because it’s run by microsoft, it should be more reliable.

So in what ever you’re setting up on, choose to create your new account and when prompted for the account type, choose imap, you could also choose POP but I do not recommend POP, I’ll explain why further down.

Email Address
IMAP (Incoming) Server
Password This is the password you use for all things uni.
Incoming Server uses SSL Yes
Incoming Port 993 (often detected automatically)
Choose to login using clear (plain) text authentication.
SMTP (Outgoing) Server
Outgoing Server Requires Authentication Yes
Ougoing Server uses TLS Yes, use SSL if TLS not available.
Outgoing Port 587 (often detected automatically)

And that’s it, enjoy.

If your phone was slightly different, leave a comment below to let others know.

Why not POP???
I said further up to not to use POP, why not though? After all, most email addresses you get from companies like Tiscali will use POP. Well, POP is designed for getting your emails at home, on your computer. But once you download your emails, they are deleted from the server, meaning you can only get them on one device, once. So you download your emails on your phone, you can’t get them on your computer. Which ever device downloads the emails first, that’s the one those emails are on. That even means you couldn’t see them on the web mail website once you download them on something else.

IMAP and Exchange are a different matter, the emails stay on the server meaning no matter what device downloads them, other devices can look at them too, even on the website, see why that is better? If not, leave a comment and I’ll see if I can make it clearer :)