Kony 2012, Cover the Night

21st April 2012

Kony 2012 Posters at the housing complex I live at.

This morning on my three minute walk from my flat to the lab on campus, I saw Kony 2012 posters, I counted probably three dozen of the red sheets of paper aiming to make everybody know the name Joseph Kony so that everyone will be aware of his crimes against humanity.

I was also out last night putting up posters and updating my Agile Board website, My Agility Board to get Kony into the heads of everybody, though this morning, I find that several of the poster my brother and I hung, have been torn down by those who criticise the campaign and the charity that started it, Invisible Children.

I’m not going to write a large article on why you should support Kony, I am simply going to state why after reading the criticism of Invisible Children, I still support this campaign.

The main point that has been put to me is how Invisible Children invest the money donated to them and paid to them for poster packs for last night’s “cover the night” event.  Many people feel that Invisible Children don’t invest enough money in direct aid for the people affected by Kony’s actions in abducting thousands of children and forcing the boys to be child soldiers and the girls into being sex slaves.

I have to confess, I was late in watching the video that started this campaign and had only read the reports and I too was critical of the entire idea.  Eventually though, I decided I should watch the video and find out just what it was that Invisible Children claimed they would be doing with the money they receive and it was at that point that I realised that all the complaints about direct aid were unfounded.

Invisible Children is a charitable public relations organisation, its soul aim of this campaign was to make everybody know the name Joseph Kony, because things would not be done to arrest him while the world didn’t know that he even existed.  I, like most people, had never heard of Kony before this campaign but now I do and now, I think everybody can agree that this man needs to be arrested.

I see a lot of people saying, they’d rather donate money to charities that give direct aid but don’t you see, that is the point of this campaign, people who are both for and against the Kony 2012 poster campaign are taking action to see something done about Kony, to see that he is arrested and that people are helped and the fact remains, they would never have taken any action if they did not know who Kony was.

This is what invisible children does, their video never claimed to be giving direct aid, they told us that they were starting a campaign to make sure everybody on Earth knew who he was and allow them to take their own action.  The Kony 2012 campaign has been a success, whether you tear down posters or not, you know who Kony 2012 is, you know that he needs to be arrested and you are already suggesting ways in which you believe action should be taken, I can tell you something now, you would never have been arguing about the better strategies of sorting out the Kony issue if it wasn’t for this campaign, like it or not, this campaign is working!

Calling all graffiti artists of London, I have a challenge for you.

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Commence Operation Cover Up!

April on Campus

3rd April 2012

Remember that photo I shared with you last week?  That ever so summery March on Campus?  Well here’s the exact same photograph but taken today, exactly one week later.

Once again, this was taken with fifteen exposures on a Canon 550D.  The nature of the shots meant that the snow that was falling at the time was not captured so I have simulated to as close an accuracy as I can get using Photoshop, the falling snow that was present at the time of taking the shots.

Can you see?

I’m not going to be so nice this time around but there is a very major problem with this photo, can you spot it?  Hint:  Remember that this photo was taken using several shots.